Points of culture

01. Commitment

It is our commitment to develop Lite Tax Ltd into a hugely successful organisation. This will be in terms of status, finance and reputation.

02. Learning

We will never stand still in relation to learning. We should strive to make a daily advancement in business and personal development. This should be in terms of staff, management, systems, technical and business knowledge.

03. Entrepreneurial

Business opportunities will often present themselves. We will be proactive in seeking out new opportunities. We will have an open mind in regard to new business ventures. We should seek out and analyse new opportunities. We will encourage people around us to grasp new ideas, challenges and methods.

04. Excellence

We will always strive for excellence. Merely achieving is mediocre. We should be aiming to be the best, achieve the highest and extract every opportunity we can to attain perfection.

05. Loyalty

Loyalty forms an important tenet of my existence. Loyalty should always be given to the family, organisation, friends, colleagues, customers and other business partners. Loyalty demands reciprocation we are entitled to expect loyalty from the parties mentioned.

06. Relationships

We recognise that relationships underpin the business. We will always work to develop and maintain relationships to the best of our ability. Developing relationships means taking the other party’s needs, wants and objectives into account. This should be for a mutual benefit.

07. Success

We will strive to be successful in all areas of life and business. When this comes it should be celebrated and rewarded. We will recognise and reward those who help us to achieve success. To be successful we need to be associated with successful people and organisations.

08. Efficiency

We will strive to achieve the best result we can using the least possible resources to achieve this. We will extract the maximum advantage using the technology, people, systems and solutions that are available.

09. Teamwork

We need to realise that nothing is achieved in isolation. We need to extract the synergies of teamwork. The team has needs as well as the individual and the organisation. Goal congruence is the key to the successful outcome of team performance.

10. Respect

We will strive to earn respect in a professional and personal aspect. We realise that respect is achieved through integrity, honesty, commitment, intellect, loyalty and hard work.

11. Gratitude

We should always be grateful for the opportunity to develop our business and for what we have in life. We should show this gratitude on a regular basis.

12. Abundance

We are abundant people. We deserve abundance and we are easily able to give and receive it in all areas of life by respecting our own self-worth and that of others. We are rewarded to the level that we create abundance for others and we accept that abundance only shows up in life to the level we show up.

13. Communication

We realise that in order to achieve we need to communicate effectively. This is at all levels and in different ways. Responsibility cannot be abdicated by irrelevant or incorrect form of communication. We realise that informal communication is as important or even more important than formal communication.

14. Community

We consider ourselves to be a compassionate people. We realise that our actions (or sometimes lack of actions) can have an effect on the community. When possible we will always strive to add to the good of the community around us.

15. Balance

We will attempt to have a balanced approach to life. This will include consistency of actions.

16. Security

We recognise the degree of security that we have in life. We should also consider the need for security of the people whom we are in contact with.

17. Enthusiasm

We are naturally enthusiastic and will try to instil that into people we come into contact with.

18. Fun

We are great believers that “life is not a dress rehearsal”. We should not waste our time in ventures we do not enjoy and that do not stimulate us. This should be the same for people around us. If we have an inability to enjoy what we are doing this will reflect on those around us.